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  1. This rental agreement is for 1 Alpha-Stim AID or M to the Recipient for a minimum period of four weeks at a cost of £20 (for AID) or £29 (for M) per week plus £9.95 delivery (where applicable).
  2. The Alpha-Stim covered by this agreement has been received by the Recipient in good condition from Wholistic Health and remains the property of Wholistic Health with assurance of Wholistic Health’s right of recovery with or without due process of law.
  3. The Recipient acknowledges that the Alpha-Stim hereby rented is for the Recipient’s sole benefit and in the event of loss of or damage to the unit or the theft or destruction of the unit the Recipient shall be liable to and shall immediately pay Wholistic Health the full Retail Price for the Alpha-Stim at the time of loss, damage or theft.
  4. The Recipient agrees to exercise normal care in the handling and operation of the Alpha-Stim.
  5. The Recipient agrees to return the product to the supplied address via signed delivery, or in person.
  6. If the Alpha-Stim is not returned in good condition by the end of the period stated above, Wholistic Health will bill Recipient for the full Retail Price.
  7. Recurring payments will continue until the device has been received by the office.

Alpha-Stim Weekly Hire: