Breakfast can be an awkward meal for those wishing to side-step the refined carbohydrate frenzy that is the typical western breakfast and still make it out of the house in time for the school run or work. This is pretty quick to make fresh but you can save time in the morning by preparing some or all of it the night before.

The ‘porridge’ base is a mixture of half and half:

  • freshly ground linseed (use a coffee grinder if you don’t have something more purpose-made)
  • psyllium husk fibre

…plus ground cinnamon and enough milk of your choice (A2 / Jersey / dairy free) to make into your preferred porridge consistency. Allow a couple of minutes for the base ingredients to soak up the milk; perhaps while you prepare the apple.

The topping is one chopped eating apple (plus a teaspoon of ghee or coconut oil) cooked gently in a small amount of water with the lid on the pan until the skin looks a little translucent. When this happens you know that the pectin has been released which makes this soluble fibre more available to feed gut bacteria. Bear in mind these bacteria outnumber our cells 9:1 and they play pivotal roles in how well we digest food, whether we put on weight or not and what mood we’re in. It’s advisable to do all we can to keep on the right side of the right ones of them! This pectin, gentle fibre and cinnamon loaded breakfast should keep them and you very happy indeed.

Read more about how cinnamon improves gut barrier function and gut flora here:

Read more about how apple pectin controls levels of bad bacteria, promotes good bacteria, reduces inflammation and suppresses weight gain here:

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