This is just the thing for the onset of autumn. Delicious hot or cold, this was very easy to make.

For 2 servings you’ll need:

  • a bag of miracle rice
  • 4 tbsp arrowroot powder
  • 1 tin full-fat coconut milk (preferably without stabilisers and / or emulsifiers – I like Biona’s)
  • 2 tbsp xylitol or use anything else you prefer though if you use raw honey ideally add after cooking and cooling
  • 1 egg / 1.5 tbsp intact linseed which should be freshly ground
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Freshly grated nutmeg

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees C. Thoroughly rinse the miracle rice for 1 minute and leave to drain. Mix the arrowroot with a little coconut milk until there are no lumps. Grease an ovenproof dish and mix all the ingredients into this and cook for 15-20 minutes until the top is golden brown.


  • add a 1 tsp ghee (Fushi’s French, organic is the best I’ve found) if you like
  • add cacao (maybe 1 dessertspoon per person) and omit the nutmeg

To read more about how konjac (used for centuries in Asia) contributes positively to gut ecology and improves carbohydrate metabolism and cholesterol levels have a look at this:



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