Diet and Lifestyle Consultations

Sandra offers one-to-one health coaching, both remotely and in-person. Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) Practioners recognise that symptoms are an outworking of metabolic dysfunction and seek, through appropriate metabolic testing, to reveal the healing opportunities that are relevant to you as an individual. We thereby short-circuit the frustrating loop of trial and error which is inevitable when recommendations are based on symptoms alone – the last stage of disease development. Also, we find that responding to issues of metabolism rather than silencing symptoms, leads to the most rewarding outcomes. You will receive reports and supportive information (with journal article references) for this highly evidence-based approach.

Please book a free telephone consultation to discuss how I might be able to help you.

Alpha-Stim AID and M consultations

Wholistic Health also offers consultations, hire, rent-to-buy and purchase of Alpha-Stim AID and Alpha-Stim M units for the relief of anxiety, depression, insomnia and pain. Please see Alpha-Stim page for further details. In order to help people to see if Alpha-Stim AID or M might be helpful to them I offer one free consultation by phone or in my office. If you are able to attend in person I can guide you through actually trying the device for yourself whilst you are with me.

I offer Alpha-Stim AID and M treatment sessions for £45 each. This might be especially useful for people seeking a treatment of pain and tissue repair.

Osmio Infinity consultations

The Osmio Infinity provides the means to bring the healing benefits of Hydroxy / “Brown’s” gas into your own home. As an affiliate with Osmio I can offer treatments for £45 each. Hydrogen is regarded as the ultimate antioxidant which can uniquely and profoundly address inflammation which is a component of all chronic disease. Please contact me or see the Osmio Infinity web page for more information on this phenomenal modality.


From time to time I run workshops on various topics. These are a cost-effective way of finding out more about particular areas of interest in an informal and interactive setting.

This page will be updated with forthcoming dates and subjects to be covered.

All payments may be made in cash or via Paypal by card in person or online.